Thursday, December 31, 2009

Exchange ActiveSync client for Android

Recently a friend of mine has been trying to use his Android phone to connect to his company Exchange server. Since HTC phones ship with support for Exchange, this seems like a trivial task to accomplish; reality regrettably has a few suprises up its sleeve. As It turned out, the built in exchange support did not work with the particular configuration of his companies e-mail server. Android market until recently offered a couple other options. The most promising was roadsync, but since payable apps are unavailable in Norway we were out of luck. Recently a new app surfaced on Android market; "Touchdown" is a comprehensive Exchange ActiveSync client, that was easy to set up, and offers good functionality. It is not free, but offers a way to buy it outside of the Android market. To all of you tied to an Exchange server and are living in the shadow of Android markets payable apps, Touchdown might be your saviour as well.