Sunday, August 24, 2008

USB Modem (Nokia N95) with Acer Aspire ONE

I recently received my new Acer Aspire One 110l and must say i am increasingly falling in love with this machine. It's easy and usable out of the box, but I missed the ability to use it with my Nokia N95 as a HSDPA/3G/Edge/GPRS modem.

The main reason for the One's problem is that is missing the kernel module (cdc-acm) and an easy program to dial up. I will try to explain the steps necessary to make the N95 (and probably other devices) usable with the One. I hope the procedure and kernel module below is helpful. It certainly works flawless for me, and i hope it can help you as well. If you get it to work with other devices, please post a comment below.


  1. Compile, or download the module cdc-acm.
    I will not go through the procedure for compiling the module, but supply the module I have already compiled. This one should work as long as an update does not change the kernel version for the One. This is rather unlikely, and should it happen i will try to release an updated version shortly. Download cdc-acm
    here (

  2. Move the module to the right directory (/lib/modules/

    Open a terminal:
    Alt+F2 -> terminal ->enter

    [user@localhost ~]$ su -
    [user@localhost ~]# mkdir -p /lib/modules/
    [user@localhost ~]# cp /path/to/downloaded/module /lib/modules/
    [user@localhost ~]# mknod /dev/ttyACM0 c 166 0
    [user@localhost ~]# depmod -a
    [user@localhost ~]# modprobe cdc-acm

  3. The next step is to install an easy-to-use dialup application. I have chosen gnome-ppp for this job.

    [user@localhost ~]$ su -
    [user@localhost ~]# yum install gnome-ppp
    Answer Y to any questions
  4. Configure gnome-ppp:
    • Start gnome-ppp Alt+F2 -> write "gnome-ppp" hit "Run" and enter your password.
    • Username: (providers username)
    • Password: (providers password)
    • Phone number: *99#
    • Push -> "Setup"
    • Under the Tab: "Modem"
    • Device: /dev/ttyACM0
    • Type: USB Modem
    • Speed: 460800
    • Under the Tab "Networking"
    • Check: Manual DNS (Automatic does not seem to work)
    • DNS 1: (OpenDNS)
    • DNS2: (OpenDNS)
    • Under the Tab: "Options"
    • Check "Dock in notification area"
    • Push Close
That should hopefully do it. Connect your modem and hit "Connect" in gnome-ppp

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